Paint the soul ©

And so the Wizard, out of forest peeked

To the Girl, him came to seek

Surprised but happy she found her goal

Her secret tale to him she told:

The pain, the sorrow, won’t you wash it away?

My soul to colour, not this ugly grey.


My dear, you are but, still a child

The ink well full, and paper dry

Your soul is yours, as is how to paint

You need nature, not magic to taint.


Oh wise old Wizard, can you not see?

The one I love, does not love me;

He seeks a rainbow bright and pure

With promise of a pot of gold.


Dear child, you already shine so bright

I fear magic only dims the light.

But if you must this path to choose,

Free will and victory you both will lose.


I hear your voice and words I heed

But will the magic make Him need me?


Magic is, as magic does

All is made from ash and dust,

Were you to put this in his food

Then he will love you like a fool,

Be you fat or be you thin,

Be your hair unkempt or skin;

Be you funny or be you bore

Just the same, you he’ll adore.

True love it may seem to be,

Or crazy lemming – jumping to sea.

Even if you gain a new start,

Only true love can mend a broken heart.


Then tell me wizard, what do you see?

How is the best way forward for me?


The Choice be yours, and you must do:

Put potion in the poor boy’s food;

Or, free it now into the air

And let your soul, the colours snare.

The girl took a moment, pondering

Each decision, what would life bring?

Then after weighty pause,

She reasoned out, her best course…


And so she blew into the wind,

Dust flew out and coloured within

The smile upon the sweet girl’s face

Showed she had discovered herself.


With no further need to manipulate

She left true love to deal with fate.

And Mother Nature, with loving sigh,

Painted her hair with bright pink dye.


©Do not copy and edit, or reproduce without permission from the author (Abelia May) and full acknowledgement of the author (Abelia May) and website address

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