Box and Key © (Poem/lyrics)

One day I found a key, it opened up an empty box.

I looked inside, expecting something to find.

The box was bare, but I swear, heard echoes in an empty heart.


So, I looked around, shopped awhile, bought material things.

Placed them neatly side by side, until I’d consumed, the space within.

Still, reverberating, between noise and sound –

Heard echoes of an empty heart.


Then one day I made a key

I gave that key to someone new;

I’d never felt so complete,

Trembling, the way it felt.


And the box began to swell…

With memories… mementos…

Of nothingness, and happiness…


Can you imagine my surprise…

Dawning as the sun did rise,

Pulling back the darkened cloak

The box had already been broke.

Looking over on the radio

The key was hanging on every note.

In the night was the time for her to part,

Now all is playing are echoes in a broken heart.


All are sleeping, but she’s not by my side,

Under blanket, we can only hide

And there’s crying, but it isn’t hers,

You don’t see me weeping, but inside really hurts;

Colours run from pens that need to work:

Sketches of a perfect other world

Where echoes of this heart cannot be heard.


One day I found a key, made a key, which cruelly was returned.

Now all I’ve got is one spare key and an empty box.

Tell me if you think it’s worth to test this lock.


©Do not copy and edit, or reproduce without permission from the author (Abelia May) and full acknowledgement of the author (Abelia May) and website address

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