Saintly – just a poem ©

In a moment of darkness

With fist clenched shut with rage

I looked to stormy heavens

And begged damnation explained.

The sky rumbled on to evening,

To my question there was no reply.

Sleepily I sent head to pillow

Alone for another troubled night.


It was in dream I received Saintly vision

Of a man not of this land

Little was said between us

He wanted only to understand

Changes since his last visit

How exactly had we advanced.

My thoughts transported us outside,

Modern life a world surely enhanced.


We walked past buildings towering upwards

Automobiles gushed by our sides,

He stared at the litter in gutters

Watched bumper to tail stuck by lights.

Factories bellowed in background

As we made our way down street

Looking at the cars stood standing

He remarked ‘What’s wrong with using your feet?’


Someone begged in a doorway

Hoping for something to eat;

Wasted food spilled from trash can in alley,

Pensioner stared from broken public seat.

‘Rain again’ I tutted so he wouldn’t notice

Crazy paving clung to wheels of a chair

As he read mind bubbles of strangers

Concerned with love, money and affairs.


Back in the bedroom where I’d met him

He smiled disconcertingly,

I felt guilt weigh upon me

Exclaiming so he’d set me free:

“What do you expect one man to do?

There are 6 billion of us here on earth!

Each step forward brings us one step back;

I cannot change it with all of my worth!”


Perplexed, bemused

And slightly confused

He said – “I expect nothing of the sort.

I came here just to explore.

However, I’m obliged to tell you:

One is always a start…

Now, before my visit can finish

Is there something to me you must ask?”


©Do not copy and edit, or reproduce without permission from the author (Abelia May) and full acknowledgement of the author (Abelia May) and website address

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