Poem – A warning about gorging! (The Goplikagoot)©

In a time and a place

Beyond lands that you know

Lived a creature – full of horror.


Villagers leapt when he crept

Cos they knew, they’d be stew

If caught in a grip

Covered in scale.


His eyes were big, skin tough

Brown and furry, kind of rough

Had such a stink, even skunks held their nose!

His hair matted, eyebrows platted

Fingers hooked, claws crooked

He stood – as tall – as the biggest home.


In a cave by the bay

Was the place where he stay

And villagers daredn’t disturb.

A dark layer where he lay

Laze about, most the day

Destination for disappearing herds.


Each day at noon, birds would swoon

To the note of his croon

As he cleared out and emptied the trash;

Out of waste hauled, hair would fall,

Bones would scatter, teeth clatter

From remains – of supper and foe.


Then one day,

There was thumping,

Footsteps coming

Up the hill

To the village – where everyone froze,

The monster grumbled

Belly rumbled…

When an old man screamed

Beware!  The Goplikagoot!


The village emptied, not a soul,

Not a fish, not a mole

Was left, to challenge the guest;

Out the forest stepped a boy,

Who had seen once before

And knew exactly – what he should do.


Potion mixed, feast fixed

He hid himself, awful quick

Then he rang  – the dinner bell.

The boy waited in the shadows

While monster screamed and bellowed

Until he saw  – the mountain of food.


Then Goplikagoot gorged:

All through night,

On chocolate delight

Oh what a sight:

To see him covered in goo!

Fast asleep there he lay,

Till the sun reached midday

And he’d baked into a stone statue!


Now all parents tell their children

To eating rules they must listen

Know the difference between need and greed;

Sweet as chocolate is to taste

Never gorge on it in haste

Else they’ll end up like the Goplikagoot!


©Do not copy and edit, or reproduce without permission from the author (Abelia May) and full acknowledgement of the author (Abelia May) and website address


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