Embellishing Conversant © (poem)

‘Ouch!’ said little sister, raising hand to mouth,

‘What’s wrong?’ I curiously enquired, in reply to such a sound


‘Nothing’ said she quite muffled, while looking at my sweets,

Eyes a little bulging, at sugar tempting treats,


Help yourself I said warmly, seeing she was in pain,

And like a fish she gobbled in, the bait upon my string!

‘Yeeooow’ she loudly cried, like cat about to swim

And laugh I did until I cried, as I am her Big Sis!


‘Oh no – I think, I’m going to die’, her face was all a blush

‘This pain – it hurts: each time I eat, it keeps on getting worse’


‘Don’t worry, you are not to die, it merely is your penance,

For being so annoying to me, and now you must repent!’


‘I’m sorry’ she cried so genuinely, ‘I’ll never do it again’


‘Too late now, your only hope, is a fate much worse than death!’


‘Oh NO’ she squeaked, face a flushed, tears rolling down her cheeks

‘What horror lies in wait for me?  What could be worse than this?’


‘They’ll take you to a place that smells, and bring you to a seat,

They’ll sit you down and wrap you up, in a hygienic sheet;

In it you MUST not talk, and remain completely still,

Because if you move, you may distract, and she’ll hurt you with the drill!’


Off she screamed, back down the stairs, straight up to our mother

Who quickly wrapped her in a coat, and left the house quite bothered


And that was the last I saw of her…  until 3 hours later

When in she skipped, all full of smiles, like little alligator;

She stuck her tongue right out at me, then popped in a lollipop

And just to really rub it in, Mum had bought her a nice new top!



©Do not copy and edit, or reproduce without permission from the author (Abelia May) and full acknowledgement of the author (Abelia May) and website address


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