Dormouse ©

Why does the Dormouse sleep so?

Tucked away in hidey hole

Does he dream of sleep or wake,

Of the things he cannot partake,

Soar as eagle, hoot as owl,

Roar like beast, fill full as fowl;

Or see himself in sleepy slumber

Warm and cosy, under covers.


Does he hibernate with stock in store

Or nauseously at sight and thought

Of fruit and nut, flower and berry:

Past summer months a sickly plenty.


Landing in a heavy fall

Is he sure of way to go?

Nobody nowhere to which to turn,

As eyes get drowsy, darkness calls

Echoing a twisted worm hole

Changing time in tunnelled home

Enticing in to rest and sleep

Promising – soul to keep

Safe and sound, off into dream

Of this and that and anything.


©Do not copy and edit, or reproduce without permission from the author (Abelia May) and full acknowledgement of the author (Abelia May) and website address

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