Ghost in my town © (poem)

I’ve heard stories about you,

And yet we’ve never met.

How can you hide in this small town

like shadow in silhouette?


Do you crawl amongst the dewy moss?

Do you bury down deep underground?

Do you go to bed when lights turn out,

or do owls hoot to you a sign?


Do you sing a merry tune to the sun,

or howl at the sight of the moon?

Can you see through fog and mist,

or are you blind and hear just sounds?


Do you freeze at the feel of Jack’s tingly frost,

or turn to stone in the summer rays?

Do you melt in April showers,

or does heat make you fade?


Father says you’re in the graveyard,

While Mum says you haunt homes;

How can you be in two places at once,

or do you often roam?


One thing is for certain,

We’ll surely meet one day

But I feel I must warn you:

I may run the other way!


©Do not copy and edit, or reproduce without permission from the author (Abelia May) and full acknowledgement of the author (Abelia May) and website address

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