Queen Paula the First© (poem about a cat and a girl)

Yo ho ho, what fun is this –

To look in the place where Masha lives:


Inside you’ll find a furry pair

That often sit upon the stairs;

They sit upon the stairs and stare

Just at whom, or what, or where

We do not know, as nothing’s there!


Paula is – a rather big cat

Frank is nervous, perhaps about that!

He’s her friend, but he’s rather thin

It’s difficult to understand,

That they eat the same thing.


Paula she likes,

To walk to places to lie,

And she lies in the places

She walks over to find.


One of these places is in Masha’s room

Where she sits – and she licks

Pretending to groom;

But we know she is waiting,

Secretly making her move!


Paula imagines herself

As Queen of the Cats

Sleeping in a bed

While other cats on mats!


Masha loves her friend Paula

For that reason and more,

Will share with her

Whatever she asks for


But Paula is – a rather big cat

Takes more than her share

When stretching out

This makes Masha – Jump Up and Down

Stare at the cat – using a big frown

“Hey listen you, this is my bed

You’re here to do, that what I say”


And Her Paula, Queen Paula,

Looks through big wide eyes

Listening intently, a little surprised:

At the maid,

Who brings her food

Cleans her toilet,

And entertains her mood!


But Masha persists,

To list out the rules –

And Paula she purrs

Thinks the bed is all hers!


But Paula, Queen Paula,

Loves her friend Masha,

And will share with her

Whatever she asks for

A small part of the bed

Is not much to ask…

But both are full knowing

That Masha is growing

And the place where she’s laying

Means more space she’s taking!


Hands and paws don’t easily mingle

It’s not long before they end in a pickle

Paula she miaows

And Masha does screech

Shattering Silence

Breaking the Peace

Masha looks ruffled,

Paula half asleep,

As the girl jumps up,

Onto her feet

“Stay off the pillow,

Your fur tickles my nose,

Stop hogging the covers

You’re making me cold,

And your claws are all pointy

You should get them cut

You scratched my toes

And hurt my foot!”


But Paula, Queen Paula,

Never went to school;

Her command of English

Is not very good.

She lays and she purrs

But moves not an inch

As Masha, poor Masha,

Jumps right back in,

Making the best

Of the space she’s left with

Which isn’t very much –

And half what it seems,

But no more than expected,

When you share with a Queen!


So if you should ever, Masha to meet,

Greet at the station or out on the street,

And she is not, stood ever so tall,

Instead, stumbling along, with a cat like curve

You’ll notice the shape of Royalty,

For, you see, she sleeps with a Queen

Because Paula, it’s true,

Is Queen of the Cats

Sleeping in a bed

While other cats on mats!


©Do not copy and edit, or reproduce without permission from the author (Abelia May) and full acknowledgement of the author (Abelia May) and website address


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