I grew my own Dragon – Snap!© (Poem)

You know when you get a new game

And it’s the bestest ever thing?

You want to play it all the time

Not be distracted by anything.


Then along comes little sister,

With her bulging beady eyes;

Demands that you let her play

Already starting to scream and cry.


When referee comes to judge

They seem biased to loudest side,

In spite of claims that I am hostage

To crook reeling off demands.


‘You’re old enough to know better.

You need to learn to share;

If you want something of your own

You should grow a plant yourself’.


‘Eurrgh! That sounds boring’

Sarcastically, I yawned

Mum said ‘How about your own monster…

A Dragon in flower form?’


I raised my head – quite interested

‘Okay, what do I do?’

’You’ll have to promise to take care of it…

Or it might get hungry and eat you!’


’Ha’ I laughed,

Not really scared

Who’s heard of a flower

That could bite!


So out came a pot…

In dropped the seed…

A few handfuls of soily dirt

Until it was underneath.


I sprinkled on some water,

Then watched for it to grow…

Exactly one minute later,

Bored, I went to watch TV show.


The next morning I rose early,

Excited to find what would be…

A pot full of soily dirt

With nothing else to see!


I sprinkled on more water,

But nothing came into sight

Mum said ‘You’ll need to be patient,

Dragons don’t grow overnight’


It took years and years… (okay just over a month),

…Finally… to my delight,

There was a crimson flower,

Fiery orange on its mouth


I simply jumped up and down

And clapped twice with glee;

My very own pet Dragon

Specially for me!


Suddenly, it started shaking,

Much to my surprise

From inside came a rumbling…

Could it be that it’s alive?


It began to open up its mouth

I expected such a roar,

Putting fingers in my ears

I prepared to dive for door!


Then, through my little squinted eyes,

I spied a furry leg.

Out it came, rather carefully,

Followed by bottom, before head.


Out he buzzed, all quite confused,

As though a little drunk.

He flew up and down, and seemed quite pleased;

I suppose that’s how bees have fun!


I couldn’t really fight him off,

Bees are good… and have a sting

So, I guess I’ll have to share again

Just like with my sib-ling.


©Do not copy and edit, or reproduce without permission from the author (Abelia May) and full acknowledgement of the author (Abelia May) and website address



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