Have you heard of the Helephant?© (fun poem)

Early one, rainy morning

Came the strangest sound,

Where up against a window

Little Borris was peering out


He huffed and puffed

Wiping at the pane –

Wishing that he

Could rub away rain.


‘Oh the summer is meant for sun

So why is it rainy today?

I got up, nice and early,

So outside I could play!’


But still it poured,

Leaving Borris bored,

Wondering what to do?

So, he turned towards his Grandpa,

Thinking that he knew.


‘Huff!’ puffed out little Borris’ cheeks,

Pursing up his lips,

‘Rainy days and school days

Are surely the worst there is!

What are you doing Grandpa?

What do you do when it’s like this?’


‘Huh’ spluttered Grandpa,

Roused from a mini sleep,

Reaching for the remote control

Turning nothing off TV


‘Well, I’m not watching cricket,

Rain will cause delay.

I guess I’ll have to go to sleep

Until they start again.’


‘Boring!’ exclaimed Borris

‘Can’t you teach me something new?’

Something that I’ve not yet learnt

That might be obvious to you’


‘But I am old, as old can be,

What could I know that’s relevant?

My school days were filled –

with tall tales,

Like the life and times of Helephants.’


‘I know all about elephants’ sighed Borris

We read about them at school

I’ve even seen one right up close

On our trip to London Zoo.’


‘Ha ha ha’ chuckled Grandpa,

Out loudly to himself,

You’re thinking of a different creature

An easy mistake to make.

Helephants were like elephants

And roughly the same size,

But shiny black, not grubby grey

And of course –

They knew how to fly.’


‘Fly?’ queried Borris,

Puzzled at the thought

Of how such weight could leave the ground

And what would happen if it dropped.


‘Oh yes’ nodded Grandpa,

But really they would float:


Softly bouncing along the ground

Trunk held high in air,

Ears gently flapping in the breeze,

Always seen in pairs.

While elephants can spend their days

Wallowing in the mud,

Helephants don’t like the dirt

Preferring instead soap suds!’


‘How come I’ve not heard of them

Or seen pictures in my books?’


‘Oh they really were quite rare,

And I expect you’ve not properly looked.


You see’ continued Grandpa,

‘Helephants lived long ago

They were all – very best friends

With the Dodo;

But numbers kept on dwindling

Until both were left just with one.


When the final Dodo died

It broke the Helephant’s heart;

She decided to escape

And jump her way to Mars.


But the thing about Earth and Space

It’s hard to judge distance,

All looks different far away

To when you’re right up close.

So the Helephant she landed,

Not realising it was too soon,

Instead of landing on planet Mars

She’d jumped onto the moon!


And Helephants like all things – to be super clean…


So just imagine at her horror

When all she found was dust!

She quickly made herself a home,

And proceeded to clear up!


But moons are rather musty places

Which need constant work,

And the Helephant began to reminisce

About her life down here on Earth.


One night, she finally decided

That she would take a trip,

And secretly look around

The towns where people live.


But Helephants are rather shy –

She’d have to creep about,

Not making a single noise

To keep her out of sight.


On return to Earth, she couldn’t believe

Stuff people were no longer wanting,

Games and gifts, treasured things,

So she quickly started hoarding;

But it’s not easy carrying bits

Back up to the moon

So she had to change her mind

Not before too soon.


Now you must understand this,

About our curious friend:


Helephants are not naughty

But she doesn’t like to waste,

She hates to think things are forgotten about

Like her and all her friends.

So she gathers all the abstract stuff

That she can fit into her bag

All of it wasted importance

That once humans cared about;

Like the broken vows of lovers

Which are easily caught in her net

Unanswered prayers, and fruitless tears

Also she will get,

But most important are intentions

Which people haven’t done;

And wasted time on rainy days

When people could have done.


I can see you look disbelieving

So next time it’s a clear sky,

Gaze up into the starry night

And perhaps you might just spy;

For looking closely at the moon

You can see just where she’s been:

From Earth they look like craters,

But really they are Helephant prints.


Now, you had best, go upstairs

And think about what to do

Or the Helephant may come down

And your day – you will lose!


Go create with building blocks

Colour in your doodle books,

Make models that you’ve not made

Paint pictures in your paints;

Read that, which you haven’t read

Check out toys you haven’t played

Do the things you’ve been putting off

Then your rainy day you’ll save.


And if you are – still fed up,

You can always tidy up,

Because Helephants only search in mess

Places gathering all the dust!’


Up got little Borris,

Who quickly ran upstairs,

Leaving Grandpa all alone

Sitting in his chair.


Rain tapping on the window,

Was all that you could hear,

As Grandpa gently closed his eyes

Snuggling down to sleep…

Not noticing around him,

All was quiet and still,

Apart from the Helephant

Who had just floated in!


©Do not copy and edit, or reproduce without permission from the author (Abelia May) and full acknowledgement of the author (Abelia May) and website address


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