Haunted Highway Sixty Five (poem/lyrics)

It happened on a Sunday, when my father was just a young man

He’d arranged to meet, in a rustic town, a new business associate;

He stopped at a gas station, to admit that he was lost

An old man behind the counter pointed, today’s October thirty first

If you must head up that way, don’t you dare go there alone

For if the devil catch you, he’ll surely take your soul


My father thanked the man for his advice, but set off upon his way

That boy naively thinking, he’s too tough to be delayed,

But he soon grew weary, and thoughts had turned to bed

He hoped that he could find a place, where he could stop and rest

So, he slipped onto a side road off

that Highway Sixty Five


The road was rather winding, visibility almost nil

As a fog had swamped upon the earth, numbing with a chill,

That’s when he saw it, the warning of hazard lights

Flashing in the surrounding air, daring him to check it out


He walked over rather slowly, to a vehicle in a ditch

Driver and passenger, stuck in a nasty fix

And in all his living years, he never did get such a fright

As he leaned up to the windscreen, unprepared for that sight

This happened on a side road off

that Highway Sixty Five


The driver’s neck was limp, two fang marks on his throat

A stake rammed into his heart, blood seeping through his coat,

And in the seat beside him, a female face green of mould

Insects crawling out and in, she looked a century old


Then he heard a haunting voice, that chilled him to the bone

Calling from the shadows on, the other side of the road,

That faceless figure didn’t move, a devil’s torch shone from his mouth

So Father told he only came, to see if he could help out


He said “Son, you seem an honest boy, I may just let you be;

Just turn around, don’t travel alone, and forget everything you’ve seen

Or I shall have to find you, and by waking up the dead

I’ll make them sure to haunt you, so you’ll never be lonely in bed”

And this all happened on a side road off

that Highway Sixty Five


Next day at that meeting, my father was awful pale

He didn’t say what’d happened, only the place he’d been delayed

The associate said “Son I’ve lived here sixty years, and there is one thing I am sure;

Off the Six and Five Highway, there ain’t never been no side road”


Before my father died last year, he told me to never be afraid

To sing, live, laugh and love, and play these lyrics if I dare;

And every time I voice them, I know that faceless stranger may appear…,

But I figure now you’ve heard them too, he’ll just as likely come for you!


And if you ever travel, in a car alone

You know exactly the location, of where you shouldn’t go,

Cause this whole thing started on one creepy Halloween

On the supposed side road off

that Highway Sixty Five


Apparently nobody read my last post. Not one person in the whole world was even the slightest bit bored or curious. It’s sad to be so dull.

©Please do not copy and edit, or reproduce without permission from the author (Abelia May) and full acknowledgement of the author (Abelia May) and website address

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