Embellishing Conversant© (poem)

‘Ouch!’ said little sister, raising hand to mouth,

‘What’s wrong?’ I curiously enquired, in reply to such a sound


‘Nothing’ said she quite muffled, while looking at my sweets,

Eyes a little bulging, at sugar tempting treats,


Help yourself I said warmly, seeing she was in pain,

And like a fish she gobbled in, the bait upon my string!

‘Yeeooow’ she loudly cried, like cat about to swim

And laugh I did until I cried, as I am her Big Sis!


‘Oh no – I think, I’m going to die’, her face was all a blush

‘This pain – it hurts: each time I eat, it keeps on getting worse’


‘Don’t worry, you are not to die, it merely is your penance,

For being so annoying to me, and now you must repent!’


‘I’m sorry’ she cried so genuinely, ‘I’ll never do it again’


‘Too late now, your only hope, is a fate much worse than death!’


‘Oh NO’ she squeaked, face a flushed, tears rolling down her cheeks

‘What horror lies in wait for me?  What could be worse than this?’


‘They’ll take you to a place that smells, and bring you to a seat,

They’ll sit you down and wrap you up, in a hygienic sheet;

In it you MUST not talk, and remain completely still,

Because if you move, you may distract, and she’ll hurt you with the drill!’


Off she screamed, back down the stairs, straight up to our mother

Who quickly wrapped her in a coat, and left the house quite bothered


And that was the last I saw of her…  until 3 hours later

When in she skipped, all full of smiles, like little alligator;

She stuck her tongue right out at me, then popped in a lollipop

And just to really rub it in, Mum had bought her a nice new top!


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Beware of the mega-bite!© (Poem)

Last night, my little sister could not sleep

All night long she screamed and screamed;

Nightmares had crept into her dreams.


In the morning, when we got up

Father was bushwhacked – Mother fraught,

Both, you see, had to work.


At breakfast table, all would come out;

Reasons why – confessions told,

As I appeared before firing squad.


“Tell us dear, what made you afraid

To wake all in neighbourhood and grave?”


Red faced and frowning, out came the hand

Finger outstretched as she took to the stand

“She told me that the computer hides

Everything in the world inside:

Anything is captured inside of its bite!”


With finger pointing straight at me

My ears I simply could not believe

“Not true, don’t listen, that’s not what I said”

“But surely,” said Papa, “that is what you implied”


Hammer and screws in coffin to nail

Little sister continued, the wind in her sails

“She told me even, if you are too big to chew

The computer can, and will, still capture you

Dare you run, dare you hide

It gets you with its mega-bite!”


What could I say, what could I do?

When all angry eyes stare at you,

I was sentenced to sit alone in bedroom

With only my thoughts and conscience to stew,

While mind muddled how, facts misconstrued.


Now sister whenever she enters the room

Stomps her feet with face of doom,

Stares accusingly for all her worth

While giving computer very wide berth!


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Gremlins© (poem)

There’s Gremlins in the larder

Gremlins in the fridge

Said my little sister

Who’d promised not to fib.


What do you mean?

Don’t try to scare!

I yelled while pulling pig tailed hair


Ow Ow Ow! They ate

Biscuits and chocolate cake

See the crumbs, see the pear

She pointed at the cupboard bare


If that’s the truth, can you explain

Big brown smudges around your nails?


I tried to catch one, but he was quick

In my fingers, his chocolate neck slipped.


So what’s he look like, this Gremlin fiend

If you swear that’s what you’ve seen


Erm erm erm, he’s about my height, with similar hair

Around him you must take great care,

Be sure if you spy him, don’t try and retake

The yummy food…. or mix me for him – by mistake!


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The problem with younger siblings is… © (Poem)

The problem with younger siblings is

There’s always something them to teach

Like when I caught my little sister

Reaching in toilet, to get a drink.


It all started when we were outside

She tried to eat – a long muddy worm.

I scowled and said ‘What are you thinking?’

She said ‘Well, they’re good enough for birds!’


I said ‘You mustn’t; they are dirty,

They’ll continue to grow in your insides

Until they’re 6 foot and you are fifty

When they’ll finally crawl out your eyes!’


She didn’t like that much, so shifted

onto an ants nest to try them instead

But one stung her right on her finger

There’s a lesson that’ll stick in her head!


And so she ran off to the bathroom

Leaned over toilet with glass in hand,

About to drink a mouthful

Until I gave a loud command:


‘Stop – that toilet is dirty!

It’ll taste awfully sour’

She snapped ‘Mummy cleaned it this morning;

Besides, it smells of lemon and flowers’


The problem with younger siblings is

They think that they know what’s best

As elder, I may not know all answers

But I’d surely do better in tests.


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I grew my own Dragon – Snap!© (Poem)

You know when you get a new game

And it’s the bestest ever thing?

You want to play it all the time

Not be distracted by anything.


Then along comes little sister,

With her bulging beady eyes;

Demands that you let her play

Already starting to scream and cry.


When referee comes to judge

They seem biased to loudest side,

In spite of claims that I am hostage

To crook reeling off demands.


‘You’re old enough to know better.

You need to learn to share;

If you want something of your own

You should grow a plant yourself’.


‘Eurrgh! That sounds boring’

Sarcastically, I yawned

Mum said ‘How about your own monster…

A Dragon in flower form?’


I raised my head – quite interested

‘Okay, what do I do?’

’You’ll have to promise to take care of it…

Or it might get hungry and eat you!’


’Ha’ I laughed,

Not really scared

Who’s heard of a flower

That could bite!


So out came a pot…

In dropped the seed…

A few handfuls of soily dirt

Until it was underneath.


I sprinkled on some water,

Then watched for it to grow…

Exactly one minute later,

Bored, I went to watch TV show.


The next morning I rose early,

Excited to find what would be…

A pot full of soily dirt

With nothing else to see!


I sprinkled on more water,

But nothing came into sight

Mum said ‘You’ll need to be patient,

Dragons don’t grow overnight’


It took years and years… (okay just over a month),

…Finally… to my delight,

There was a crimson flower,

Fiery orange on its mouth


I simply jumped up and down

And clapped twice with glee;

My very own pet Dragon

Specially for me!


Suddenly, it started shaking,

Much to my surprise

From inside came a rumbling…

Could it be that it’s alive?


It began to open up its mouth

I expected such a roar,

Putting fingers in my ears

I prepared to dive for door!


Then, through my little squinted eyes,

I spied a furry leg.

Out it came, rather carefully,

Followed by bottom, before head.


Out he buzzed, all quite confused,

As though a little drunk.

He flew up and down, and seemed quite pleased;

I suppose that’s how bees have fun!


I couldn’t really fight him off,

Bees are good… and have a sting

So, I guess I’ll have to share again

Just like with my sib-ling.


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